Over the past decade, Trybus has gained a reputation for creating trend-right designs that drive tailored clothing sales, and we combine this skill with an expertise in building assortments as well as the production power to consistently deliver highly successful store programs.

Trybus’ design leadership is showcased in a diverse collection of distinctive proprietary and major fashion brands. Working with our global sourcing team, Trybus has the skill and design savvy – coupled with the company’s market strength and manufacturing flexibility – to develop fully-customized programs that can meet any retail need, delivering exactly the right product, at the right price, at the right time.


Trybus’ worldwide sourcing network is built on strong partnerships established over more than four decades. A pioneer in global sourcing, Trybus was one of the first American companies to form a joint venture company in China, and the first (and only) to establish a wholly-owned tailored clothing factory in Mongolia.

Today, Trybus produces its lines globally, manufacturing in Italy, Korea, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries throughout East Asia, with permanent production and quality teams based in Beijing, China; Taipei, Taiwan; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The long-term relationships we have developed with a select group of factories give Trybus a unique degree of involvement and flexibility in our production, allowing us to manufacture garments of impeccable quality to precise size specifications, cut from exceptional fabrics selected from around the world. We have specific production lines dedicated exclusively to samples and smaller runs for specialty stores, along with facilities that excel at maintaining consistently high quality across large production runs. All of our wholly-owned manufacturing sites and partner factories have passed the most stringent Retail Store Compliance Audits, and each is inspected annually.

Trybus maintains effective manufacturing control at every factory we work in, overseeing every aspect of the construction and expression of our garments. We set and maintain our own standards and specifications, allowing us to meet store needs in half-canvas and fused garments, along with maintaining a unique expertise in producing tailored lifestyle clothing that brings the quality and style of a tailored garment to designs intended to sell in a sportswear department.

Customer Service/Distribution

Logistics is another core element of Trybus’ commitment to our retail partners, with systems tailored to individual stores’ needs and specifications. Our Dallas headquarters includes a 125,000 sq. ft. distribution facility, which processes tens of thousands of garments weekly. Trybus is fully EDI-compliant, and employs state-of-the-art RFID stock and inventory systems that allow us to serve more than 1000 retail doors with seamless individualized pick/pack and ship replenishment programs on a monthly basis.